SEO is like Formula 1

At the end whoever is crowned the victor – whether on the racetrack or in Google SERPS, needs more than passing luck.

  • a Masterplan for the whole season
  • a clever strategy for every race
  • a perfect qualifying for the pole position
  • an experienced team that makes no mistakes
  • new updates and improved configurations for each race
  • the best engineers constantly driving forward improvements
  • a driver who knows how to use the full potential of the car and turns this into victory.

Among the 10 best in a Formula 1 race or the Google top 10 - it is often only details which decide over success or defeat.

The highest number of points, that is the best Google ranking, goes to whoever can influence the most of the parameters in his favor. From the strategy which must adjust to the constantly changing Google parameters, through correct timing to the optimal snippet design.

Why you should go to the starting line with the SEO agency seo|maxx?

  • track record of seo since 2001
  • experienced handling of complex websites
  • reputable references from national and international customers
  • optimal search engine results
  • outstanding individuality

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Overtake the competition step by step – with seo|maxx

1st place gives you 25 points more than 10th place. Where do you want to be?
Whoever is happy with achieving 10th place in Google rankings is always lagging behind. The proper SEO agency and knowledge of the decisive factors for success in search engine optimization puts you ahead in the race – with a real chance of standing on the victor’s rostrum!
The first chart shows an initial view of the Google results page. The first three SEM places get 100% of the attention. 89% of visitors look at the rankings achieved by organic SEO work for approximately 3.7 seconds. The highest organic position thus has the best chances of success according to the Google study.

The first 5 seconds are the decisive ones.

If one examines the results in detail one can see that in the first 5 seconds only the Adwords entries above the organic search draw attention. After the first 10 seconds the user looks at the first ranking in the organic search and at the results displayed on the right-hand side. Only after 15-20 seconds do the organic positions 2 and 3 attract attention. And in the case of many search queries the universal search results are added (images, videos, news, etc.).

Gain the competitive edge with seo|maxx for the victor’s rostrum should be your goal: position 1st, 2nd or 3rd!


Why SEO?

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    Google market share in Germany: 95,9% (Q: ComScore)

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    87% of all internet users only take a look at the Top 10

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    76% of the users want to shop

Why seo|maxx®?

  • SEO Erfahrung

    11 years experience

  • SEO Referenzen

    Sustainable quality

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We protect and defend your good reputation.

Our Online Reputation Management is the airbag for your good reputation. Bad ratings, critical comments, defamatory statements spread through the Internet faster than we would wish. Facebook, Google+, Blogs and user forums know neither mercy nor justice. Your good reputation can be damaged for a long time or even forever. Here it is of no importance if the accusation or statements are true or false. The Internet is not a thoughtful referee but an information distribution medium working at breakneck speed.

Our Online Reputation Management monitors the presence of your person in both text and image, your products or services and your staff. We monitor the Internet marketplace and your competition, doing everything to act quickly if needed to ward off any potential damage.

In this context, the media is getting more important work on.

..the Internet, for example on blogs, forums and review sites. With reputation management an entrepreneur is able to kill two birds with one stone: positive reviews provide a good first impression on new customers and due to the continuous actions and observations a rapid response can be brought to negative trends.

What can seo|maxx ORM do for you?

  • Ongoing targeted monitoring and optimization of your digital reputation
  • Nurturing and, if necessary, correction of input about you and your company
  • Improved visibility in search engines
  • Increasing your traffic and conversion rate

Why SEO?

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    brand monitoring

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    building trust

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    increasing visibility

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    discplacing negative resulst

Why seo|maxx®?

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    ORM is a matter of trust

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    11 years of SEO experience

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    Confidential and professional

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    Available all around the clock and weekends

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This Keyword Density Tool analyses the Google Top 10 results for a specific search term. The real SERPs in Google can differ slightly from the real live SERPs, because we`re using the Google API.