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1st place gives you 25 points more than 10th place. Where do you want to be?
Whoever is happy with achieving 10th place in Google rankings is always lagging behind. The proper SEO gency and knowledge of the decisive factors for success in search engine optimization puts you ahead in the race – with a real chance of standing on the victor’s rostrum!
The first chart shows an initial view of the Google results page. The first three SEM places get 100% of the attention. 89% of visitors look at the rankings achieved by organic SEO work for approximately 3.7 seconds. The highest organic position thus has the best chances of success according to the Google study.

The first 5 seconds are the decisive ones.

If one examines the results in detail one can see that in the first 5 seconds only the Adwords entries above the organic search draw attention. After the first 10 seconds the user looks at the first ranking in the organic search and at the results displayed on the right-hand side. Only after 15-20 seconds do the organic positions 2 and 3 attract attention. And in the case of many search queries the universal search results are added (images, videos, news, etc.).

Gain the competitive edge with seo|maxx for the victor’s rostrum should be your goal: position 1st, 2nd or 3rd!


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